5 Apps You Need In Your Life

Hi My Luvs,

I Hope you are all having chilled Sunday,

I really wanted to branch out my blog and talk about something other then Beauty or make up. I guess this post would fall under lifestyle since our phones play such an important role in today’s society, I wanted to share 5 Apps that you all need in your life.

  1. WordPress – as a blogger there is nothing more useful then being able to check all of your stats and reply to comments straight from your phone, the WordPress app makes this so easy.
  2. Aaptiv – I am not the most active person but recently I have been trying to be, this app is basically like having a personal trainer for every gym session, you can select from multiple different choices from the treadmill through to yoga, and you have someone there guiding you through your work out.
  3. Audible – I’m pretty sure everyone already knows or has an idea of what this app is, but in case you don’t, its an app that allows you to choose from millions of books and then rather than you reading the book, you can listen to the book. Or what I like to to is play the book as I read.
  4. VSCO – again a fairly old app, but still super effective in what it does, if you on looking for a good app to edit you pictures, this one is amazing,
  5. FaceTune – Finally this list wouldn’t be complete if facetune wasn’t included,  this app is perfect for simply perfecting any selfies that you have before posting them.

As always I hope you guys enjoyed the post, if you have any feedback or suggestions, then I would love to hear from you, Until next time.

                                                                                              Hugs and kisses,

Nia xox



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