Breakups 101 !


Hi My Luvs!!

I hope everyone is well and having a good week so far…

I wanted to talk about something a little different today, take a step away from the product reviews and all that fun stuff!! So lets talk about something we all go through, have been through, or will go through at some point… Yup – BREAKUPS!

I have put together a few steps that should help you be on your way to getting over the heartbreak, So lets get into it.

  1. Social Media Detox – So lets all be real here, when we go through a breakup, one of the first things that we all want to do is check our ex’s Page for whatever reason, At this point I honestly don’t know why we do it… to see if the have moved on? why! when it will only upset you more. You will never move on if you are constantly worrying about if they have. Just let it go babe! give yourself a break, come off of social media for a bit and begin to put yourself back together.
  2. Make a list – Make a note of all the things you dislike about them, or anything they have done that has hurt you, Lets face it you aren’t with that person anymore for a reason, whether they broke up with you or you broke up with them it doesn’t matter. For some reason when we break up with someone or someone breaks up with us we almost fill compelled to remember all of the amazing memories that you have with that person, thus convincing ourselves that we need them and we have to get back with them… STOP IT!
  3. Do It For You – There is nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself as a person when you break up with someone, But under no circumstances start making a change on the amazing person that YOU are because you think it will win that person back or because you feel that if you was a different way, you would still be together! Wrong! if you are no longer with that person that’s on them, and why would you ever want to be with someone you can’t be yourself around? Better yourself whether is be Physically or mentally and get moving on Hun.
  4. Learn Something New – We all hit a slight depression when we are heartbroken,but under no circumstances should you let this consume you. Rather then sitting out home thinking about all of the things that you used to do with them, get a hobby, try new things, make an effort to spend more time with your friends and Family, Put your energy into growing as a person, why should you be sad and stuck at home while they live their life?
  5.  Understanding– Please throughout this whole experience understand that breakups are a part of life, they are basically impossible to avoid, don’t be too hard on your self, understand that you can’t make another person want to be with you, you have to be accepting of that decision, And like most people tend to do – don’t give up on the fairy-tale or the idea of love because of one bad experience… you deserve to be happy!

As always I hope you guys enjoyed this post and until next time!

Hugs and kisses

Nia xoxo

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